Dear Ones!
Many new Lives growing….Great is the Power of the South.
Sun, Rain, Wind, crazy Summer! and all is strong…

I am especially grateful for my experiences at this time, for the People I am crossing, and for the work and the challenges appearing. Thanks to You who are in my Life, and thanks for our sharing.

Thanks to all the different “tribes” I belong to, “my” Friends and Love, to my “kids”, my Relations and Nature. Thanks Spirit and Spirits for Guidance.

Best wishes for your Summer!


YOU are invited to my activities.

Some of them cost money, some are for free: look on “events” to find the list and the calender.

Most activities happen even we are few (special her!), therefore please come once you signed in, thanx. Here a little extra info…

SWEATLODGE on 26 july Thylejre, and INITIATION CEREMONY on Festplads on 28, Thylejre

SHAMAN WALK (1 august)

OPEN HOUSE in Casetta on 2 august, and 6 september(with possible sharing circle)

LEARNING FROM THE LAND workshop 5 august

GROUP DISTANT HEALING (3, 4 and 5 august, and 2, 3, and 4 september, for free)

SWEATLODGE extra, by me in Casetta on 6 august, 15 september (reserved), 23 september

VISION QUEST (possible 11, 12 og 13 august)

BECOMING FRIENDS WITH MOTHER EARTH (comes again, thanx for this enthusiastic one!)

MINDFULNESS and  MAGIC (2 september)

RELEASE OF THE PAST mini workshop, 3 september


DRUM EVENING has to be moved new date coming

EQUINOX 21 september

SWEATLODGE 23 september

NEW!  SHARING CIRCLE, and NIGHT WALKS for neighbours, OF Harrestrup, Kildegård, and Ejby Sommerby, next date to come on 8 august (both things).




 Should you wish any PERSONAL GUIDANCE/CLAIRVOYANCE/SHAMANIC TRAINING? Or are you planning on specific rituals, Sweatlodges for you and your Friends?  Contact me by mobile (best), or mail.


My e-BOOK is  published! It was officially born on october FullMoon, HOMES OF THE HOLY by Ada Coming Wind. Enjoy! It is written for You, expert or not, lots of good stories and tips for a magic meaningful everyday. You can find it on itunes, and on several e-book bookshops,!394696

Should you read Danish, there is an ARTICLE about “freedom of faith” on Berlingske Tidende from 22 /12/16, you can find the link on “lige nu” (danish version of this page).



Ada you can read from the front and from the back, and as my name, so I am, I try to be as open and flexible as I can.  See and hear you soon! 🙂


PARTNERS still wanted! Would you like to work together? Do you work with body, dance, voice, art and creativity, personal development or therapy, or something else interesting? Maybe we can do.