Here you will find a calender with information about and links to my events. You can navigate to all events via the menu “All events”. Please note, that some of the events are not scheduled, but they can be arranged if there is interrest.

The activities take place in different locations, indoors mainly in Ballonparken on Islands Brygge or in “Casetta” in Skovlunde (adresses, link to maps and busplan etc. here). Outdoor events in different places in the City and in various forests. The Sweatlodge is usually held in Casetta.

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Book via phone: (+45) 42 42 46 81 (1 pm to 8 pm) or sms NOT LATER THAN ONE WEEK BEFORE THE SWEATLODGE and NOT LATER THAN TWO DAYS BEFORE OTHER EVENTS.

Please pay deposit (kr. 300,- for Sweatlodge – kr. 400,- for workshops) not later than 5 days before the event, thank you.

The activities are POSSIBILITIES which means they can be cancelled or moved in case there are not enough participants.

The program  is divided into 4 sections:
AWAKENING and CLEARING, BLOSSOMING and POWER, RETREATING and SILENCE. I try to follow this rhythm with all my activities.

*Join the EARTHHEALING (prayer and good thoughts for EARTH, WATER, PEOPLE AND COMMON GOOD) at Full Moon and WHEN YOU CAN, IN YOUR OWN WAY, THANKS! :) *


Besides the planned events, you can book me for most activities and workshops at times that are better for you. I AM FLEXIBLE and could COME TO YOU (Individual or group).