Own (individual) preparation:

  • Look honestly on your Life: what is your purpose of coming? Is there anything to change, to thank for, and is there someone/something you would especially wish to pray for?
  • Please diminish the use of poisons like: alcohol, tobacco, sugar, coffee, grass, meat, tv, net etc. several days in advance when possible.
  • You should fast 24 hours before the sweat, (from 14.00 the previous day is ok), but it is alright with light food, juice or soup. Call if you should have any challenges, or if you never have tried before.
  • If you are on medicine or (hard) drugs, if you should have psychical problems with your heart, low blood sugar, epilepsy, diabetes, or if you are pregnant: please call first and let us talk confidentially.
  • Are you having psychological challenges, it would be good for me to know also. Do you have any questions, or are you in doubt about anything, call please.


Things you should bring:

  • (1 blanket that can get wet to cover the lodge)
  • 1 or 2 small presents to other people (it can be for example something you care for but you do not use any longer, optional).
  • Presents to the place or to the animals (ecologic presents to Mother Earth or to the animals living in the area), a present for the Fire keeper.
  • A towel to dry your body after the sweat (and eventually one extra to sit on while inside), and a cloth to put around your body (optional).
  • A little portion of food and drink to share with the other participants after the ceremony, a bottle of water.
  • Possibly rattles, power- and/or other objects that will be cleansed while we sit in the sweat (crystals or jewels for example).


Donation: 750/550 kr. pr.person if nothing else is agreed with me.

Deposit of 300 kr. must be paid to reserve a place, latest one week in advance.

Duration: 1 pm to 9 pm circa (includes practical work to do before and eating together after).

Location: outside Skovlunde (Kbh, Ballerup direction, info will be given).

Thank you and welcome.

any questions: call! tlf.42424681 (1 pm to 8 pm)