I plan to have the following workshops in the future.

If you are interested in any of the workshops, please let me know.

The more interest – the sooner the workshop will happen 🙂


EARTH TEMPLES: outdoor, together, in creativity and Silence

THE MAGIC IN YOU: there is a lot of it, you may not know it yet!

RELEASING FROM THE PAST: from old relations and old memories, and much more…

PLANTS, those beauties, OUR FRIENDS: we will come closer

DRUMS, RATTLES, AND SACRED OBJECTS INITIATION: ceremonial day with focus on clensing, empowering, and initiate our Power instruments, bring them!

ADVENTURE DAY: trust me: it will be a nice surprise! Goal: To surprise you with something or someone slightly “special” in a special place. Let go of any expectation, then everything will be a surprise!

TREE OF LIFE: retreat: we go on discovery, find where the roots of our Power come from, and work with them.

ONE QUIET DAY/STRESS OFF: retreat: inner peace and immersion, an “another reality” day.

BETTER RELATIONS: the name says it all: about communication, ultra short!

MAGIC WOMAN, MAGIC MAN, MAGIC US: three circles, three times each, for better understanding between people
exclusive circle: ceremony, community, challenges, and solutions

IMMERSION AND VISION DAY: retreat: immersion, reflections, prayer and new visions!

RITUAL DAY: long ritual the whole day

WHO IS ME?: let us explore!

YOUR POWER: do you feel that your Energy has deminished ? now is the time to …

ENJOY YOURSELF DAY: an afternoon to you only (in special environments, and with two “presents” from me, different price).

DOING NOTHING DAY: do nothing day 🙂 

SURPRISE and ADVENTURE DAYS: cannot tell you! 🙂


MINDFULNESS, MAGIC and GUT FEELING in the forrest: with dr. psyk. Rebecca Burr

STRESS AF! with art-therapist Rikke Volf

 Holistisk Sommerfestival 2018