Would you like to learn about shamanism, you, and much more? Here is an opportunity, cheap and good! You can choose from all workshops and retreats, (although some I recomend).

You may also register for individual instruction for the workshops you want and take them in the time you need: if you commit to the entire training is at least 10 one day's workshop, partecipation to ceremonies, a sweat lodge and 24 hours vision quest annually included.

Most two days workshops are shortened to one day this year as experiment: and if you wish education on your own, let us talk about it.

As a "student" you get homework, and commit yourself to keep contact for results and possible challenges.

Your training first part can be called "complete" (part one) when you have been through at least 10 workshops, four one day's retreats (or ten one day's), at least one sweat lodge, several ceremonies, and at least one vision quest: this is a good basis.

So begins the second part of your journey , and your alone part too: I will always be available, until you choose to learn more, or go your own way. If you come back for more, we will build the next year together, according to your main interest points.

Some classes may, in special cases, done on line via mail or connecting by phone.


The purpose of the training is to learn to "rediscover" yourself (among others your strength, your responsibility, and your Mission), your connection to the Earth and all our Relations, and to strengthen your own spiritual and human path. The bigger and even more important purposes are a better Life, and a better World.

All workshops are designed for individual and spiritual holistic development, they are therapeutic, but not therapy.

Please see "One days workshops and retreats" below.




You can also, after a meeting with me, start learning with me without a fixed structure.

Do you want personal and spiritual development? I can help a lot. Individual instruction is a combination of different techniques /conversations /exercises /adventures: I guide you and we follow your motivation, your wants and needs.

Are you three persons I can eventually come and teach by you.

HARDCORE TRAINING is teachings by "doing": words are minimized to most important: be ready for challenges!

as a NEW thing this year you can come to following:TRIBAL LIFE, UNPLUGGED, NATURE and ME , LEARNING from THE LAND.

Please see below for description



The Vision Quest proces can be devided in three parts: preparation/Vision Quest/reintegration (to your world and everydays life). You can choose from 24 hours Quest.

The Quest is a transformation process (or rite of passage) held outdoor (in winter you can be indoor): it comes from our brothers and sisters Red Indians. You sit in a defined circle, fasting, only with water to drink, and with no distraction, with different purposes. 

A purpose could be for example to be with yourself and Nature, to reflect over and find alternatives/solutions about a particular side of your life or a spacific challenge (modern oriented), or to find and understand your mission on Earth,  "crying for a Vision" (Indian traditional).

You will go through a cleansing and transformative process however, and regardless of how long time you choose to do it for.

It is better to have a minimum knowledge to shamanistic practice but, if you do not have it, I can help you by a simple introduction, together with your preparation in advance, starting best two months in advance ( to be agreed). 

It is a process and a gift for Life! 

It can be arranged any time you need, providing we agree (and being sensible about danish weather:). Are you three people interested, I can come by you.


SWEATLODGE: Symbolic we go into Mother Earth's dark womb (hut) and we symbolically "die" to be reborn. Dedicated to common good, with one's own individual prayers.

SHAMANIC  WALKS, CITY WALKS, NIGHT WALKS: come back to Nature, its magic and its beauty, its drama, come back to you, your and Nature wisdom. Ajourney with experiences, adventures, awareness, mindfulness, sense's training, basic shamanic "techniques", and guided "exercises" just for you, given from Nature and my Spirit guides.

Intention: that you reconnect to yourself and to Nature, therefore, Healing. Knowledge of shamanism is good, but not necessary. Location: in different forests, or in the city. Duration: 3/ 5 hours. Equipment: good clothes (evt for rain also) good shoes, water, food, something to sit on and evt. for notes, rattle. See calender for dates.

VISIT TO POWER PLACES: in a basic cerimonial frame, we will move for a short pilgrimage, and visit important power places that I know well, and where I have been working before. You will be introduced to my way of contacting a power place,and guided so you can get the contact yourself, discover and evt. receive direct messages, and inspiration.
You will use sometime on your own in order to "feel" the place and your connection with the power that is precisely there. You have to have a minimum understanding and practice of shamanism, or at least be ready, respect and follow the teachings and the places.

Intention: you will learn to know your land and your land's power, and connect with your own ""ancient roots" and ancestors's kultplaces. Location, duration, and equipment as above.

NIGHT WALKS: we will open ourselves to discover and integrate with the power of the Night. We will experience a different world, other sounds  colours, other beings.We will move through quiet and dynamic moments, awareness, "feeling and walking techniques", (and more), you will be guided to contact and "melt" with the Night. There will be time on your own, and individual guidance (especially if you are afraid of the dark). No need for shamanic knowledge necessary.

Intention: to open a new door to awareness and to our senses. Become friend with the Night, become better friend with yourself. Location, duration, and equipment as above, plus flashlight evt.

CITY NIGHT WALKS: most of us live there in the city, we have some favourite corners, but maybe forgotten or never have experienced power or special places. I will guide you through some of my favourite spots,both peaceful, nourishing and power giving places.  A whole different experience of the city!

Intention: to guide you to discover your own city, better relate to it, find good spots for you to experience and be. Location, duration, and equipment as above.

MINDFULNESS AND MAGIC in Nature: about adventure, about finding back to your place in Magic, and Nature. Very different from shaman walk,this workshop is based on training of our senses, mindfulness, and now. It changes and develops from time to time, according to who shows up, and what you need. Going back to Nature is extremely important right now: we get constantly bombarded from media and sounds. Going back to Nature means going back to you, without decorations, unplugged!

Learn to "be there", to inhale freely, to " not think". You will be guided by the best instruments I know, and individually, if you care having a chat before the workshop, so I can get "special things" ready for you: are you comfortable with shamanism, there will be guidance for you too. There will be room for short sharing circles, awareness, meditation and contemplation, contact with Nature beings, and several techniques you can use in everyday's life, also in the city.

Intention: come into a "free space", room to be, room to breathe! Discover a new way to be with yourself, others, and Nature!  Location, duration, and equipment as above.


INTRO TO SHAMANISM: introduction to the core concepts, ethics and practices of shamanism: cleansing, grounding, explanation (and invocation) of the Sacred Directions and Energies, how and why to create sacred space and time, how and why to connect to Nature and the Invisible world, and more: many "exercises". Outdoor and indoor work, individually and in group. Safe and simple framework for all shamanic practices. Important! All basics in  concentrated version. Short interview before the workshop. Intention: basics are given so you can start the first steps into your own practice, "safe and protected".

DREAM TIME: introduction to the shamanic journey (via drumming and rattle) to the "Unseen reality" and the 3 dimensions, to aquire healing, knowledge, power and wisdom: create your own opportunity for further and deeper independent shamanic work! Requires participation to "Intro to shamanism" by me or someone else. Short interview required. Important! Intention: you now move further and deeper into the part of shamanism that is concerned with the journey. The intention is to create and deepen your particular contact to the Other reality, its Beings, its power and wisdom, and wisdom, and learn more about it.

LEARNING FROM THE LAND (2 parts, 2 days): learn how to connect to the different sources of knowledge our Planet offers. One at the time, we will search into the "larger" features and elements in the land, and the Ancestors realm. Earth connection is most important (especially in this period) in the society and stress we are living in: we may not have enough contact to our roots, our land, or our Ancestors. Intention: through the workshops you will rediscover and connect to an unique form for Power, get to know new "friends", and hopefully come closer to your wholeness. Short interview required, shamanic "basics" needed.

BECOMING FRIENDS WITH MOTHER EARTH: learn to restore contact between yourself and Nature, Forces and Creatures (all our Realations). Learn to listen, communicate and understand. Activate your inner Wisdom and healing power. A great tool for self development and inspiration, very different from "Learning from the land", and more focused on contact with single Beings and the connection to them. Expect some alone time. Both days outdoors in the Forests. Requires minimum shamanic knowledge. Important! Intention: to reconnect to Nature, its Beings and Power, to learn to understand and work with them, precious for selfHealing, selfdevelopment, and to strenghten your creative and intuitive potentials. Outdoor both days. Minimum shamanic knowledge and short interview required.

TRIBAL LIFE (4 parts, including a sweatlodge, minimum 2 parts, confidential): focus on nord American Indian circle traditions, togetherness and communication instruments. In a confidential groupwe will learn to open and express ourselves, discover and show who we "really" are. We will learn to meet others in full respect for differences, and in a loving way, to support and be supported, to feel trust and cohesion, to accept and work together, to free ourselves from unnecessary limitations and old patterns. We will also work on body, psyche, mental and the spiritual plan through self-awareness, active and passive meditation, journey with the drum, visualization, movement and sound, and more.

Intention: selfHealing and self-development, better expression and communication, deeper understanding of human nature, individual and group work, as much as possible outdoor. A fantastic instrument! Interesting and important work that can be used in everyday's life, and in all kinds of social intercourse! Hear evt from facebook group Tribal Life. Short interview required. Tribal Life school students half price!

TRIBAL LIFE (5 and 6): deeper into the circle, still confidential, with both different, simple and collective forms for Healing and Energy release . More and deeper about discovering own limitations, about our relations to oneanother, about groupdynamics, working together, leadership,roles and ethics. Deeper into better communication, other "development instruments", and "confession". Only for partecipants to minimum 2 other Tribal workshops.

Intention: to get to know and be yourself as much as possible, to be able to accomodate and meet very different kinds of people, to learn to "help" yourself and others to find back to own Power and path, to build a "friendly network", and possible community. Knowledge of shamanism not necessary for neither of Tribal courses. Short interview required. Tribal Life school students half price!

CLEARING and HEALING day: about transformation.Who and where are we, and where are we going?We will observe our inner and outer "structures" and beliefs, we will learn to recognize and change patterns, we will "clean out", and reconstruct our own Power. Intensive and corageous work, with few words. Simple ceremonial frame, and good body work and selfawareness instruments for every day's use, dance release, sound, active meditation, circle work and more.

Intention: make our Lives better, a transformation journey. Important work, no shamanic knowledge necessary, as long as you respect the few essential shamanic elements. Short interview required in case of hard psychic, physical or abuse/misuse story. Confidential workshop.

: what is prayer and how can you use it actively in your Life? Why does it work? We will explore several "ways of doing", traditional and less traditional ways of prayer and blessings, "why and how", intention, creation of various Power objects for selfhelp and Healing. Powerful, individual and intimate work, partly outdoor. Requires minimu shamanic knowledge, or short interview. Intention: for you to aquire instruments to make prayer more effective, and how to use it for common and own benefit, clarity over your Power and possibilities. Minimum shamanic base, or other spiritual practice necessary.

: creation of "environment-friendly" shamanic art, based on you and the group inner Wisdom and understanding, training in intuition, Nature's cycle, Elements and Energies. Get new  refreshing inspiration in Nature's and in Imagination's treasury boxes. Vi only use recyclable or clean  material, and what we find around us out there, collected in full respect.

We will be "told" our intention, and what to shape both individually and as a group, accordingly to the particular moment, and if our "art creation" shal remain permanent, or shall be discarded. The "art piece" will be then "initiated" through a short and powerful ceremony. Requires little shamanic knowledge, or at least respect for shamanic beliefs and practice. Interesting, challenging and creative work! Perfekt for artists and Nature/people.

Intention: creating withinand with Nature, a special and enriching experience: strenghten our creativity, intuition, our very presence, team work, and more.

ME AND NATURE (4 TIMES, ONE DAY), new!: INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP! You will get guidance and directions from me, but you will mostely work alone (I will be close by). Te workshop's intention is to reestablish a good solid connection between you and Nature in youe own unique fashion (or connect to yourselfand Nature in a loving and caring way). I will prepare both "exercises", special initiation and transition rituals about our work.

We will work further away from the city, so count on one to oneandhalf hour extra for transport. I will guide you through, but allow you lots of Peace, so you can adjust to your rythm and Nature's.

Intention: instruments for growth and connection to yourself, the space around you whatever space it is, even in the city.
PRACTICAL: the price for individual guidance (if you only come to one day) is 1500 kr.,1000 for students and unemployed, and special price if you are on education. About when we decide together, and about what you will need out there, please call, thanks. No previous shamanic knowledge necessary, but good if you have, it gets deeper!

UNPLUGGED: "new"! (4 TIMES, ONE DAY): INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOP! Description comes soon.

DEATH and THE DEATH PROCESS: new! Death, transformation. we die thousand times, and thousand times we are reborn: what is the core and teaching in the symbolic and the ordinary Death process? What happens when we "die"? A journey into our all our Deaths, small and big, the real and the symbolic ones. How can we get ready for our "real" Death? Meet Death and become friend with it: can be challenging! Partecipation only after interview, shamanic knowledge good. Intention: imagine it!

SACRED SPACE, CEREMONIAL WORK and human CIRCLES: core principles in all serious ceremonial and ritual work, where and how to focus,contact to Universal forces, elements of ceremony, their meaning and interrelation, mindfulness, the "now", "zero" or neutrality, instruments for centering and focusing,clensing via breath, meditaton, "release of tensions", aura clensing, extra body work, Earth connection techniues, a good "ending".

Principles of the circle, sharing, structure, dynamics, ethics, leadership, communication, roles and "rules". Ceremony construction, intention and structure, symbolic objects, colours, practical guide to ceremony execution. We create a ceremony as last, offering it to all our Relations, and the Earth, for common good.

Intention: to build a solid, safe and good frame for both individual persons and group, and avoid misunderstandings, "mistakes", and loosing of time and energy.

: new! for people who already work "a little or professional". Basics in all serious healing, ceremony and ritual work: "clensing and calling", "greater principles", preparation, and "why and how", actual work. "Zero" or neutrality condition, "unconditional love and compassion",frame, intention and focus, interview, leadership,communication,ethical frame, confidenciality, record,roles, and "conduct".What happens when we contact the "bigger Forces"? Short interview necessary. Intention:to give you a simple and safe practice and frame when we work with the Unknown.

: about finding what gives each one best nourishment both in ordinary and in spiritual Life. About each one's unique ressources, and about recognizing instruments and sources in whatever relations we have, both with people, animated and not "beings", things, places, Spirit guides, Nature and more. About instruments and possibilities and how to recognize them. and about limits and patterns. About how to start, how to put the puzzle together, and how to keep on with the discipline and have best results. Ajourney in conciousness, back to your beautiful and powerful "you". Intention: learn to recognize, find, and "intake" Spirit food (nourishment).

: free and express yourself! A hogh energy day with body awareness, power singing, drumming, and dancing. Intention: a ceremony for honouring ourselves, our Spirit helpers, and Life!

: new, playful, smiling, and "very serious". We focus on dreams and expression, on daring moving into your fantasy, and build a bridge between reality, dream, and one's intuition. It is about manifesting our Power and Beauty, as complete as we can, and be recognized by the others.
We will move through different instruments, into ourselves, search for our strongest and most beautiful "dream", and recognize what "bights" we already own. It is about daring to discover, giving room both to yourself and to others, sometime in relation , and sometime on your own, and express in a creative way: be your dream today, it is very Healing!

we will be given extrordinary possibility for free expression together, and it is confidential. Shamanic knowledge not relevant here.

retreat:inner Peace and immersion. we work with several quiet "techniques" in order to gain Accept and
Harmony, some forms for concentration, some directly given from my Spirit guides, breathing, relaxation, small movements, small sounds, and listen to especially choosen sounds. Words will be kept to minimum, and there will be plenty time for....nothingness, looking at the Fire, or.... In nothingness often a very unique "something" is born, that one can integrate in one's own Life, and will be used as counterpart to stress and all kinds of pollution. Intention: hopefully you will learn to develop (and recall) this moments of Accept, Peace, and satisfaction.

only once a year around winter solstice, or after. We work on "planning" next year, after deep selfreflection, and a journey into ourselves: we prepare new, through sharing circle, counselling, forgiveness, relaxation, visualization, two Healing sessions, and kreative expression, evt. painting and/or writting/collage. We prepare with prayer and powerful simple ceremonies for the new to come! Transformation starts now! Intention: walking easier and closer to our inner Source.

COSY DAY: once in a while, free.


THE MAGIC IN YOU: there is a lot of it, you may not know it yet!

MAGIC WOMAN, MAGIC MAN, MAGIC US: three circles, three times each, for better understanding between people
exclusive circle: ceremony, community, challenges, and solutions

RELEASING FROM THE PAST: from old relations and old memories, and much more...

TREE OF LIFE: retreat: we go on discovery, find where the roots of our Power come from, and work with them.

PLANTS, those beauties, OUR FRIENDS: we will come closer

DRUMS, RATTLES, AND SACRED OBJECTS INITIATION: ceremonial day with focus on clensing, empowering, and initiate our Power instruments, bring them with!

RITUAL DAY: long ritual the whole day

WHO IS ME?: let us explore!

YOUR POWER: do you feel that your Energy has deminished ? now is the time to ...

ENJOY YOURSELF DAY: an afternoon to you only (in special environments, and with two "presents" from me, different price).

SURPRICE and ADVENTURE DAYS: cannot tell you!:) new

DO NOTHING DAY: do nothing day :)

BETTER RELATIONS: the name says it all: about communication, ultra short!

 All services