Enrich your and your friends's Lives with unforgettable moments !


Special moments in one's life can be marked in an unique way by special ceremonies and rituals: for example the birth or name giving of a baby, the passage from one age to the next one, (for example from puberty to adulthood) , from single to married,  the union of a couple or of a group, new beginnings, initiation or endings/separations can be arranged.

Typically with spiritual and social base, blessings, sound, songs, and dancing, in the good season outdoor, but also indoor. Another option is shamanic release and power giving rituals, based on your needs (two meetings necessary). As new I can also offer Drum initiation ceremony, where we will work together with your new drum. These are only some of my "favourites"!

I create these special events by counseling with the parts involved, with my spiritual Guides, my intuition and experience. These special events can be organized also for families, groups, or companies.

The SWEATLODGE ceremony is another beautiful, strong, earthy and spiritual experience and healing moment: it can be arranged for singles/couples, family, community or groups. Sweatlodges for companies can also be organized, (please call).

ENERGY cleansing or SPACE clearing: Cleansing of your energetic body, homes, memories, relations, places and objects: let us talk about your needs.

VISION QUEST: shorter and long vision quests (from one to several days, outdoor, indoor in winter) can be arranged for single persons, couples, families, communities and companies.

SHARING CIRCLES : a "human" ceremony: come closer to yourself and others in your special moments! Circles can be arranged for families, communities, and companies in need.


There are many more kinds of ceremonies and rituals: I keep to these here, otherwise the list will be very long...:)

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