Why is this happening,what can I do, what does "this" mean, how do I best solve this situation ?
... are some of the most asked "questions".

You can prepare simple and clear questions before the session : questions about anything can be asked, for ex. about personal choices/directions/decisions to take, changes to do, relations, work, health, challenges of any kinds, meaning of happenings, past or future events, causes of unbalance.

The session takes usually two hours with reflection and "sort-out time" at the end. Discretion and privacy are high priority. TELEPHONE AND MAIL sessions are possible now, and are JUST AS EFFECTIVE!

In case of spiritual/energetic matters and disturbances, or in matters of Power, I can additionally take a SHAMANIC JOURNEY: the client can ask and get answers at the same time as I journey, like in the clairvoyant session.

 SEJDR: is an oracle old technique used in the North: another kind of clairvoyance, another "kind" of answers! Very interesting! A group of min. three people is needed singing the journey of the V°lva.

I CHING readings: counselling following the known old Chinese divination book, another aspect, another teaching.



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