Ada Coming Wind, or Mama Ada

WHO AM I: My name is Ada, and I was born in Triest, Italy. My shamanic name Coming Wind came all of a sudden one day, I did not ask for it, and it is not always easy to bear. The other name people call me is Mama Ada.

I have an over 30 years long, rich and varied experience in shamanism, coaching and counselling, healing, and in Life’s great adventure, also thanks to Rainbow Gatherings, Moon and Sun ceremonies, my own school Tribal Life, healings and treatments of different kinds with very different people, and travels.adahappy

I am counsellor, mentor, “inspiration source” and a “friend” for my clients.

PAST: My journey into shamanism started end of 1985  with the M. Harner school (Jonathan Horwitz) together with Annette Høst, and  I went on with many different teachers, to name a few: Serge King, Sandra Ingermann, Archie Lame Deer son, Grizzly Bear, Josie RavenWing, Soledad Ruiz (Shamanismus und Heilung), Ollinka Tetonki. From Manitonquat (Medicine Story) came teachings about “the circle”, from Lakha Lama teachings about compassion, and from Einar Stier, Reiki Tera Mai (healing).

In the meantime I took care of my sacred body as well through aikido, yoga, dance and singing , and learned buddhist meditation through Dzog chen and Bønpo. I also searched elsewhere, but I kept coming back to the shamanic path, and to Spirit. If interested you can request my curriculum.

Then a serie of mayor serious changes in my Life happened, and I had to take a “break” for some many years, a long long retreat.The break from “outside” learning, helped me to come closer to myself, Nature, the Light, and the Source, through very simple living. Shine up, clean up, reduce, clean up, simplify…

I kept working, but had otherwise minimum social contact.


NOW:  I am opened again, working and socializing, still needing lots of time alone and Silence. My work has changed and developed,  Essence has become even more important. I have a simple but rich Life, with time for Spirit, Nature, and People.

I have moved from strict discipline to INTUITION, (working without “security net”, or from the “inner Source”), since my Spirit helpers wish it to be this way. This obviously makes it difficult to decribe my activities (in a way). I may not plan.

I love my work, even it is often challenging in many ways,  it is blessing of which I am very thankful for.


I AM also WORKING  HOLISTIC with a mix of “instruments” and disciplines, still within full respect for each single source, and its techniques.

I am sure to work with and towards the Light, for COMMON GOOD and EARTH and OUR HEALING, in a serious way, with a smile, and with my heart. 

MY WORK’S ESSENCE is of course SHAMANIC: All is Alive, and All is connected, but… You do not need to believe the same to be with ! We can still work together.

My most important TEACHINGS have came to me the classic shamanic way, directly, from Silence and Meditation, Nature and Rocks, Sacred places, Spiritual Teachers and clairvoyant experiences. 

My work is my MISSION. As my Teachers told me, I have to “Help People back to themselves and to Nature”: I am doing the best I can, help me to do “more and better”.


FUTURE: I pray and wish for more teaching and ceremonies in sacred places. I pray and wish for learning more, and for being able to share my abilities. I hope for opportunities to go “international”.

If you get inspired  about where/when /with what/whom I could be used for/work with, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

And… One thing I am not so good at: it is publicity (and I am not so present on the media): so if you cross this site and find it interesting, please share the contact, thanks!.



Have a look at what I can, let us talk, and see. I am flexible and creative, and so are my amazing Helpers.

Each TREATMENT is especially DESIGNED FOR YOU, and our TIME is shamanic, no stress!

You will be respected and taken care for, and I will support you to find your own solutions. I will be patient  and keep things as simple as possible. Earth connection will always be present at the end of every session.


I am honest and not dogmatic, aware of “knowing a little”. Much of what I do know comes from “direct contact” with Nature and Spirits. I am an island, and do not “upgrade” all the time (bad/good? for you to judge:) 

Non profit: I do part of my work for free/or very cheap, and give donations when I can to help serious organizations.

LINKS: are not present here, since my very little time on the net. But if you call I can both help you with GOOD BOOKS TO READ, and possibly with GOOD TEACHERS. 




SINGLE WORDS from my clients: developing, different, honest, intuitive, creative, human , intense, deep, healing, warmth, help to discover, peaceful, inspiring, togetherness, caring, warm, adventurous, now, friend, safe, “no bullshit”, “there is room for me”, simple, strong, authentic, friend, challenging, mother Earth, surprising, “I love you”, “your work is amazing, and you are an incredible person”, “thank you mother”, “thanks for sound and interesting session”, thanks for a fantastic clairvoyant session”, “serious in a funny way”, “always caring”,” …so happy and satisfied for your work, i have recomended you to some of my clients and friends”….