boellemoseMy teachings and my work in general is built on a Shamanic core, that is partely common worldwide.You will find more info on this under “About Shamanism” above.

Here you will also find a link to a description of my Shamanic Training, and a link to some of the workshops I offer.

My teachings are based, (over the many courses I have taken), on my deep connection and experience with Nature, the Spirit world, lots of work, and  Human beings.

For many years now my Helpers have forbidden me to use any fixed form, therefore workshops and training can only be poorely described.

Workshops which are scheduled for this year, can be seen on this page.

The effect of all my activities, and training is healing.

MINDFULNESS AND MAGIC IN NATURE , and ME and NATURE, RELEASE FROM THE PAST,  the VISION QUEST and ONE NIGHT UP  have to be booked: once you are ONE/TWO people, we do it:)


If you are interested, I will be happy to make “wild” workshops directed only by my Helpers, my intuition and direct experience, as I am doing now for years on Holistic sommerfestival, here, and in my hometown. Please contact me for more information.