A personal crisis is a chance to clean up!

floweryellowSUPPORTIVE COUNSELLING, “HUMAN coaching” in crisis, communication challenges and conflicts:

Sharing (talking) sessions are arranged in case of (for ex.): missing communication, misunderstandings or conflicts, confusion, caused from stress or loss, separation, negative emptiness, depression…

Number of the sessions at least three: sure homework for all involved.

Sessions can be arranged for individuals, couples (couple “therapy”, partners, family members, groups and companies).

ARE YOU GOING NUTS? Call before you do! We shall figure it out together…

ALONE: maybe you need to be alone for a day, and no place to be? Let us talk about it.

DOUBLE TROUBLE? 🙂 COACHING and CONFLICT SOLVING FOR COUPLES, FAMILIES, FRIENDS. One of my clients described it as “Life giving shamanic therapy” (except I do not do therapy, it is!)


SHARING CIRCLES: A respectful and interesting way of learning about communication, about you, and about the others, with our hearts in the center. An alternative, or a supplement.