I will cleanse you with Herbs and Feather (traditional Indian way), and I will guide you into deep relaxation.

Healing through delicate touch of hands on the body and/or your Aura, and use of various symbols, supportive words, sound, Power songs, drum and rattles, bells etc.

My clairvoyance will show what needs to be done, and the way.

Reiki is one of the healing energies that I use in my work: it is basically good for anything (also against stress!), provided that the client drinks plenty of water in between sessions in order to purify the system.

The session is typically one and a half hour long, and three sessions are recommended.

I have Reiki Tera Mai (and Seichem 2nd) degrees, Acupressure diploma, and work with Medicine Buddha, Sakara, Sofiel and Angelic Light very often.