WHO AM I: My name is Ada, and I was born in Triest, Italy. My shamanic name is Coming Wind. People call me sometimes Mama Ada.

I have an over 30 years long, rich and varied experience in shamanism, ceremonies, teaching, coaching/counseling, healing, clairvoyance, some Rainbow Gatherings, my school Tribal Life, travels, and Life.adahappy

I am counsellor, mentor, “inspiration source” and a kind of “friend” for my clients.

START: End of 1985  with the M. Harner school (Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Høst). Many different teachers: Serge King, Sandra Ingermann, Archie Lame Deer son, Grizzly Bear, Josie RavenWing, Soledad Ruiz and others, (Shamanismus und Heilung, 3 international meetings with shamans from all the world), Stanislav Grof, Ollinka Tetonki, and more. From Manitonquat (Medicine Story) teachings about “the Circle” and the “Sweatlodge”, from Buddhist teachers meditations and rituals, and Lakha Lama teachings about compassion, from Einar Stier, Reiki Tera Mai (healing). Earlier, and after, more.

At the same time: Ki aikido, yoga, dancing and singing , Buddhist meditation (Dzog chen and Bønpo). For two years I was leading my school TRIBAL LIFE 98, 99): the students and I still meet!

STOP! Then a serie of mayor serious changes in my Life happened, and I had to take a “break” for some many years, a long long retreat.The break from “outside” learning, helped me to come closer to myself, Nature, the Light, and the Source, through very simple living. Shine up, clean up, reduce, clean up, simplify…

I kept working, but had otherwise minimum social contact.

TRAVELS. In the meantime, I travelled to Peru, Mexico, India, Egypt, and Nepal, and some islands in Europe, and I learned much there in different ways, from Nature and the Spirit world.


NOW: I still need lots of time alone, and in Nature. My work has changed and developed, Essence has become even more important. I have a simple but rich Life, with time for Spirit, Nature, Silence, and People.

I have moved from strict discipline to INTUITION, (working without “security net”), since my Spirit helpers wish it to be this way. I may not plan.

I love my work,  it is blessing of which I am very thankful for. I work with and towards the Light, for COMMON GOOD, EARTH and OUR HEALING, seriously, with a smile, and with my Heart. 


MY WORK’S ESSENCE is of course SHAMANIC: All is Alive, and All is connected, but… You do not need to believe the same to be with ! We can still work together.

TEACHINGS have came to me the classic shamanic way, directly, from Silence and Meditation, Nature, the Land and the Elements, Rocks, Sacred places, Spiritual Teachers and clairvoyant experiences. 

My work is my MISSION. As my Teachers told me, I have to “Help People back to themselves and to Nature”: I am doing the best I can.

I AM also WORKING  HOLISTIC with a mix of “instruments” and disciplines, still within full respect for each single source, and its techniques (when they “present” themselves). Here and a little abroad.


I have been doing for years now DISTANT GROUPHEALING and FULLMOON on facebook. Now starting ONLINE PROJECTS, like RECONNECT, and more coming.




Let us talk, and see. I am flexible and creative, and so are my amazing Helpers.

Each TREATMENT is especially DESIGNED FOR YOU, and our TIME is shamanic, no stress!

You will be respected and taken care for, and I will support you to find your own solutions, so you keep your Power. I will be patient  and keep things simple. Grounding (Earth connection) will always be present.


I am honest and not dogmatic, aware of “knowing very little”. I am an island, and do not “upgrade” all the time (bad/good? for you to judge:) 

NON PROFIT: I do  a large part of my work for free (PRO BONO), or very cheap, and give donations when I can to help serious organizations.

Questions? Let us talk about it.

Words from my dear clients at the bottom page.




BLOG HERE on my side (WITH ONLY MY PHOTOS AND TEXTS), and a humble YOU TUBE channel (ada coming wind corsi)

ARTICLE about faith and me in Danish newspaper Berlingske, see .


INTERVIEW with me on YOU TUBE (Guxi Maria Abel interviews Ada), see

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on line, or directly by me (pdf, now free donation). Request by mail (adamenneske @

e-book about “my” SHAMANISM : a look into my experiences and results, “mistakes”, “good” stories, and practical/realistic tips. Both for “initiated” and everybody else.

HOMES OF THE HOLY (in English)



SINGLE WORDS from some of my clients: “you work with your heart”, “developing work”, “different””, honest”, “intuitive”, “creative”, “human” ,” intense”, “deep”, “healing”, “great warmth”, “help to discover”, “peaceful”, “inspiring”, “togetherness”, “caring”, “adventurous”, “friend”, “safe place”, “no bullshit”, “there is room for me”, “simple”, “strong”, “authentic”, “challenging”, “you are like mother Earth”, “surprising”, “I love you”, “your work is amazing, and you are an incredible person”, “thank you mother”, “thanks for sound and interesting session”, “thanks for a fantastic clairvoyant session”, “serious in a funny way”, “always caring”,” …so happy and satisfied for your work”, “I have recomended you”, “clear guidance”, “very interesting help and solutions in my work project”, “good channel”, “down to earth”, “embracing, “realistic”, “you have seen me”….