The Fullmoon Circle has been created by my friend Egidij after a vision in the sweatlodge: since then we developed togheter many different kinds of rituals and ceremonies: he died in 2008. I promised to keep on doing all our activities, if there people who wish to partecipate.

The FMC had then been existing for 16 years: the intention was creating more balance between people, people and nature, together with a deeper understanding between different cultures and spiritual directions. That fashion died with him.

I still hold fullmoon meditations and Earth healing ceremonies outdoor, on FULLMOONS, on SUN FESTIVITIES with prayers for common good and individual healing. 

I also work with CIRCLES and TRANCE MUSIC sessions. I do my best to "help" people (individuals and groups, some with and some without payment) in their personal and human development.

All with serious intention are welcome and I appreciate new ideas, energies and impulses.

Medlemship for a year: 200 kr.- students 150 kr. This is for partecipation to FullMoon and Sun ceremonies, and discount for circles and music.  

Workshop on Islands Brygge(Kbh/S). Shared refreshment on the circle evenings. 

Sign up by phone 42424681, latest two days before: for circles and music limited number of places for people.

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