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Relaxation and healing through delicate touch of hands on the body and/or in the client's aura, and use of various symbols.
The session is typically one and a half hour long, and three sessions are reccomended.

Reiki is one of the healing energies that I use in my work: it is basically good for anything (also against stress!), providing the client disponibility to drink extra water in between each session in order to purify the system.

I have Reiki Tera Mai (and Seichem 2nd) degrees, Akupressure diplom, and work with Medicine Buddha, Sakara, Sofiel and Angelic Light very often. 


Help for anything: the session is done in absentee of the person, at a time agreed from both the client and me: especially good if the person is laying in hospital or cannot move, or for very busy people with no spare time.

The client should possibly lay or sit down and relax for at least half an hour without external disturbancies. Usually evening or night is a good time to do this.

Water extra to drink and at least three sessions are recomended. Group (family, couple or any group) and pet healing is also possible.


The different elements are combined with visualization, relaxation, and what I am guided to, based over the particular client's needs and wishes.


A wonderful adventure in the sound world: forget all your thoughts and troubles! Very precious and relaxing!


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