Shamanism, which is the base of all my work, is the ancient worldwide complex of "spiritual" practices in self healing and healing: part of this work is also assisting the community and its members in living in harmony within themselves and the surroundings, which I try to take care of too.

Its essence is still practiced in many parts of our Earth and survives hidden behind most religious and folkloristic rituals, although shamanism has never been a religion.

Shamanism is based on the "experience" that everything is alive, has a soul or energetic field and all is interconnected with the rest by an energy web.

Therefore productive communication and help are possible between beings, changes can occur, balance can be restored and problems solved (caring and curing go hand in hand).

The way of the shaman is an unique way because she/he plugs directly into the spiritual, unseen world, (or the spark of the "Source", God essence, Big Mistery) in everything, through the contact with Energy Beings of different kinds, and her/his own spiritual awareness and introspection.

This is obtained in some traditions through psychotropic plants, trance tecniques  and/or sensory deprivation.

A combination of silence, meditation, breathing, dance, singing, active prayer, drumming with more, ever evolving, is the way that I personally follow.

The path I am following is based on simplicity, on my own discoveries of the common shamanic essence in many teachings and disciplines, on "earthy workshops" by different teachers, and on the lessons given to me by all our "Relations" (especially Stones and sacred Places).

My teaching is more over based on my experience with People, Mother Nature, Silence, Ceremonies, direct contact with the Spirit World and Teachers, and in my Intuition (our inner deep "human wisdom").

In shamanic training you will be introduced both to instruments and techniques, and guided to "holistic personal development" through various ways (for example explore and strenghten your intuition, body work, dance, mindfulness, sense training, outdoor living, etc).

You can partely take the education by mail or skype.

My mission is "to help you back to you, and back to Nature". You are welcome on the path

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