Power animal retreaval:

mostely used in case of missing life-force, depression, weakness, tiredness, dispair.

The session is based on the shamanic belief and experience of the existence of Spirit guides called Power animals (representing raw Lifeforce),that can abandon human beings in special cases, and can be brought back.

It requires no previous knowledge of shamanism, as the process wil be explained by me, and felt by the client; possible home work for the client.

Soul retreaval: 

after most traumatic experiences one can feel being not present, or split, not at home in oneself: usually the condition

occurs after loss of a dear person, separation, accident, chock, abuse ( physical, psychic or energetic), surgery, sickness ,

narcosis, repetitive abuse of medicine or drugs.

The session is based on the shamanic belief and experience of the presence in human beings of several Souls (or pieces of Life Source Energy), that can depart in dramatic situations, but can be contacted and brought back by the shaman to be reintegrated in the client.

What decides the choice between Power animal or Soul retreaval is both the healer's experience, and the decision of the Spirit helpers: sure homework for the client.

Shamanic extraction:

the session is based on the shamanic belief that external forces can come in and disturb one's energetic body at times

when one is weak or sick: my work consists of removing the energy in question and making room for healing.

My experience is that this kind of intrusion happens rearly in our society, but if it does, one should also have either a

Power animal or a Soul retreaval in the next session in order to fully recover.

Shamanic Sound healing: 

Healing by Sound: a different adventure in the world of healing.

Sound is very effective in aura cleansing, against stress, to take a break from thoughts, Power and Energy giving,

in removing blocks.

Cutting of the ties: 

Cleansing of "stuck" Energy in old or new relations: based on forgiveness, and for common good, and freedom.

Helps the relation on both sides!

Finding back to your Power sources:

through counselling, visualization and other methods.

Shamanic Counseling:

I instruct you on how to take a journey and get your answers yourself, and we work on it after.

Your question must be important and clear.

Energy cleansing:

Cleansing of old "energy dust", inspiring counselling and new solutions for your Life.

As your guide I can help you to recognize and clean up in old patterns and relations, and plan how to move from there to

a fresh new beginning.  

Space clearing:

In case your home feels "strange and uncomfortable", "dirty", or "unpeaceful"  , I will clean it up energetically.

I can also help you in organizing "the mess", the physical clean up, and give you precious feng-shui advices.

In some cases the clearing can be done by absentee: then I will need a map of your place.

Please call or mail me for questions

other forms for healing: see also Reiki and distant healing- ceremonies and energy cleansing ,sweatlodge