Spirit things

and many other beautiful and powerful objects


  • prices are in Danish kroner, only on the Danish version.

foto 1 mix

foto 2  Chrystals from Nepal, neckless

foto 3 Rattles, (sold only if painted by me), Mexico, Egypten

foto 4 Fisher Drum from Marokko, Antylope horns, Saw Fish teeth, older

foto 5 stof “Tinlak” , 4,50 meter, older, Bark textile from Philippines, perfect, traditional marriage present 

foto 6 Rattles from Afrika, and natural items

foto 6 Older theater item (Italy), and handbag (Bolivia, wool)

foto 7. Oncelotl (little mountain Lion) skin and Snake skin, older

foto 8:  Hemp item, Nepal

foto 9 Nature art, and other items


foto 10 God’s Eyes (Sun symbol), or as I call them “happiness generators”, made in different colours. You can book one made especially for you following  my clairvoyance. They are created in Willow, made with mantra and prayer. From 77 dkk.
Smudging mix, ecologic plants, 11, for clensing home and oneself. Packed in transparent plastic for the sake of freshness, can be packed over in silk.

foto 10a God’s Eyes (Sun symbol), or as I call them “happiness generators”, (own creation idea),made in Willow and different colours. 330 dkk. 42×34 cm.

foto 10b God’s Eyes (Sun symbol), or as I call them “happiness generators”, (own creative idea), made in Willow and different colours. 330 dkk. 40×27 cm.

foto 10c God’s Eyes (Sun symbol), or as I call them “happiness generators”, made in Willow and different colours. 270 dkk.

foto 10d God’s Eyes (Sun symbol), or as I call them “happiness generators”, made in Willow and different colours. 270 dkk.

foto 10e latest production God’s Eyes. From 77 dkk. 

foto 11 Small and bigger Shamanic Paintings

foto 12 Shamanic Paintings, acrylic and water colour

foto 13 Spiritual books, more by me

foto 14 Spiritual books, (got more) mostely shamanic

foto15 Some Rattles painted by me

foto 16 Teak leaf, older, “fruit container” (back)

foto 17 “Pulsera”Pearl work, from Peruviansk Shaman woman, Iquito area

foto 18 Snakeskin “pulsera” work by elder and shaman Huitziliuit, Mexico

foto19 Ceramic work from Peru, Machu Pichu area

foto20 Snake pearl work, Huicholes tribe, Real de Catorce, Mexico

foto 21 Older Obsidian and Silver ring, big heavy, powerful, NO MORE AVAILABLE

foto 22 created from Danish artist Pernille Brethvad
Bronze ring, big, beautyful and powerful, NO MORE AVAILABLE

foto 23 Older true pink Coral neckless, very delicate and strong

foto24 Older jewels from Italy, “filigrane” from Venezia, and Carneol.

foto25 Matches from Italy (silver), broche with Granat (Italy), little Bear from Hopi tribe, figure ceramic from Mexico

foto26 Glas Heart Pearls from Venezia and other from England

foto 27 Animal figures from Italy, (sold only together), older, from my family collection

foto 28 Amber neckless from Dk, older, long

foto 29 Kazakistan. Older tobacco? purse with Coral and Silver

foto 30 Leather bracelets.

foto 31 Neckless from costa Rica Shaman Woman (jungle seeds)

foto 32 cm 45×172. Older textile from Italy, very beautiful and loved

foto 33 Cotton blanket from Mexico (also in blue)

foto 34 Blanket from Goa, older, not perfect, still beautiful, for double bed

foto 35 Pearl neckless fra Mexico

foto 36 Over 50 år. Older precious book, from my family collection

foto 37 Long decorativ picture fra Dharamsala, Nepal, cm51x96, happy and sweet

foto 38 Square material fra Dharamsala, Nepal, cm 73×96, beautyful

foto 39 Small figures from Kadijurao (India) Tantra temples, ceramics.NO MORE AVAILABLE
Older rings in Sterling Silver from Rajastan, India (have a couple more, semi precious stones)

foto 40 Sterling Silver (Rajastan), and true Pearls (to the right)

foto 41 Tøj. Dresses in good materials (silk, cotton, and old theater blouse from the 1940 with black pearls.

foto 42 Good items in good materials.

foto 43 Mix. Box from Cairo (Egypt), little plate from Dk (antik), Medicine bag from Sandra Cosentino and Grizzly Bear (sold)

foto 44 Owl  “Buo”  feather

foto 45 Moonstone and Silver, Pearls and Silver (older from Italy)

foto 46  Older true Coral neckless

foto 47 Older ring Pearls and Safir, Sterling Silver, older (sale for a friend)


foto 48 Ring from Rajastan, older, dark Moonstone and Sterling silver, (sale for a friend).

foto 50 Ring, older from Rajastan, Sterling Silver and Granat (sale for a friend)

foto 51Older shoe decoration from Italien, metal?, glas pearls, sweet, can hang from any clothing items

foto 52 Older Katchina (Spirit) from the Hopi Indians (no tourist thing)



I paint your Drum and Rattle, either following your wishes or my clairvoyance. I paint on textile too.

I also create Powerbags, Medicine bags, and Good wishes bags in Silk or Leather following clairvoyance instruction, especially for you or the person you wish to give it to.

I have mix of ecologic Plants for Smudging (Ada Special, includes white, dark, and “average” Copal, Myrrah, Sweetgrass and white Sage).

My friend has more rings and earrings for sale.

PRICES: some items are cheap, and some expensive, some very precious. Come and feel/touch things. I am realistic about prices. Posting prices are not included.

More photos coming…